Hyperjuice 130W (USB-C) to Inovativ Digiplate Adapter


Professionally 3D Printed in SLS / PA2200 Nylon with Carbon Black Finish - this quick release mount attaches via 2 screws to the bottom of Inovativ Digiplate Pro / Lite. Allows the USB-C Hyperjuice batteries to be safely locked in with a simple thumb screw lock and release mechanism.

Super quick battery swapping and secure storage. The mount is designed to be small in size and takes little footprint on the DigiPlate, allowing it to be more effectively used inside the Digicase Ultra and Lite case configurations.

Inside the package:

1x Hyperjuice 130W Quick Release Mount (V2)
2x Custom Thumbscrews (3/8-16)
2x 3/8-16 screws for securing it onto the DigiPlate


Please note that this version ONLY fits the final version of Hyperjuice 130W batteries, and does not fit the Kickstarter version.

Designed in-house and Professionally 3D Printed in London.