Hyperjuice to Superclamp Adapter Plate


LSdigi x CAMVAN.com.au collaboration.

SLS 3D Printed adapter plate in tough Nylon to fit "Hyperjuice 130W V2 (USB-C) to Inovativ Digiplate Adapter" (purchased separately) to a super clamp via Hex joining stud. The Hyperjuice 130W V2 Adapter screws into the superclamp plate via 2x 3/8-16 counter sunk screws (not supplied).

It has been designed with Seaport / iWorkcase users in mind who want to have the battery mounted to tripod legs to avoid overheating the batteries or computer which are normally too close to each other for optimal performance.

*** Please note - the Hyperjuice 130Wh Adapter is sold separately on the online shop.

Inside the package:

1x Hyperjuice to Superclamp Adapter Plate

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