Lexar CF / SD / CFAST to Digiplate Quick-Mount

£20.00 - £30.00

This 3D Printed Mount allows Lexar Professional Workflow series card readers to be easily mounted to the bottom of the Digiplate Pro & Lite.

The Card reader slides in and offers secure, sturdy storage and ability to quickly swap between other card readers from the Workflow series (for example from CF to SD).

The mount is small in footprint allowing a better configuration using DigiCase Ultra and Lite cases. It’s secured by 2x custom screws which attaches the mount to the Digiplate.

The package includes:

1x Lexar Quick Mount (Single or Dual)
2x Custom screws

You will need an Allen key (same one as provided in digiplate kit).

Printed in-house using 100% Bio-Degradable Volcano PLA.